About Julie Baker

March 3, 1961  —  January 2, 2020

Julie Clas Baker lived a beautiful, full life. She had so much love for everyone around her and she was the heart of her family, her friends, and her community. Julie was the life of every party and knew if there was live music in the village of Fairport on any given night. She studied electrical engineering at Clarkson University and in her free time played gigs around Potsdam with her band called "Amnesia". She was the lead singer and tambourine player, but every time she heard a drum solo she would famously say "I should have been a drummer!". Encouraged by a friend at a Mercy High School reunion, Julie found a passion for rowing later in life and was the founding president of the Rochester Boat Club. If she wasn't tending to her beautiful gardens on a summer day, you could find her on the Erie Canal in Fairport, rain or shine.

Julie loved sunny days at the beach, good food, Tito's, HBO, Netflix, and a bargain. Most of all though, she loved her family. As one of seven, she was the only girl among her six brothers. They remained close throughout her life and she prioritized her time with them, getting everyone together for family vacations, to swim in her pool, or to watch the Bills game at their parents' house.

Julie's lucky number was 3. She was born on 3/3, her house number was 3, and she had 3 daughters — the four of them together were known as "the Baker Girls". When her husband and the girls' father Dick Baker passed away from cancer in 1999, she raised her daughters on her own with the support of her family and friends. Claire, Jill, and Paige have her to thank for the beautiful lives that they have today.

As an engineer, Julie Baker was the treasurer of the Empire Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) and organized their golf tournament each year. Beloved by her colleagues, they made the decision to hold the tournament in her name to honor her and raise awareness for an important cause. Julie had many roles throughout her life — she was a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, an engineer, a small business owner, and an athlete. On January 2nd, 2020, she became a victim of domestic violence.

Julie's generosity knew no bounds when it came to those in need. We've learned that her impact reached farther than we ever knew — so much so, that she continues to make an impact today. Every donation made to the Julie Baker Memorial Golf Tournament benefits Willow Domestic Violence Center, so that they can continue to save lives and provide survivors of abuse with the support they need on the path to a safe and empowered life.

The overwhelming amount of support we received for the first annual Julie Baker Memorial Golf tournament in 2021 was a testament to who she was. She was the most beautiful person we have ever known and she will be forever missed by her family, friends, and everyone that knew her. We are so thankful to be able to continue this tradition for years to come.

About our 501(c)(3)

The Julie and Dick Baker Memorial Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was formed in hopes of broadening the reach of our family and friends' generosity that started with our golf tournament. Within this new organization we have been able to launch a new scholarship program as well as continue our operations of the golf tournament in a way that will allow it to grow into an even more impactful community event.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our cause so far. We will work to never let Julie and Dick's love and light for their family, their friends, and each other dwindle.

Make checks out to: Julie and Dick Baker Memorial Fund

Mail checks to: Julie and Dick Baker Memorial Fund, 835 Crittenden Rd, Rochester, NY 14623